About the shop

Country Lady Quilt Shop started in a small house not a log cabin; but like a lot of things, it grew. After outgrowing the small house, Country Lady moved to a couple of locations in downtown Historic Roseburg until it found its home where it is now 611 SE Jackson Street. Through these moves, Country Lady Quilt Shop has been in business for twenty five years. The current shop has a lot of history beginning in 1882 of being built to house a Chinese Restaurant with a wishing well right outside the front of the building. It then became the home of J.C. Penneys for a span of 30 years. After J.C. Penneys, Payless Drug Store occupied the shop for some time and then it became home to LaVernes Dress Shop.

Country Lady regularly stocks a large selection of 100% cotton fabric for quilting, approximately 2700 bolts of fabric. One "country lady" with many helpers are the keepers of the quilt shop that specializes in classic quilting fabrics, books and patterns, machine quilting both free hand and template, and hosts a wide variety of classes for quilters of all skill levels.

Charlie Weckerle is known as the "Quilt Meister" of Country Lady and specializes in helping the uninitiated learn a new skill. Country Lady has a crew of talented associates who are more than happy to give you a tour of the shop and help you with your quilting needs. These talented associates range in knowledge from being teachers to machine quilting both with domestic machine and long arm quilting. Whether you want to learn the very basics of quilt making or to start your quilt from the beginning to actually quilting the quilt, Country Lady has the staff to fulfill those needs.

Country Lady is indeed fortunate to be located in the nostalgic downtown area of Roseburg, Oregon. Roseburg is situated half way between Seattle and San Francisco on busy Interstate 5. Roseburg is 170 miles south of Portland; Oregon's largest city. Known for its abundant natural resources, recreational opportunities, easy proximity to both the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Roseburg is the ideal place to stop and "pet" the quilts. Come and enjoy Roseburg's abundant blessings.

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